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The Janis Group, Inc.

Serving small and large businesses with winning strategies for Federal procurements, grant applications and loan guarantees.
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When you are beginning to think about a procurement or grant/ loan guarantee application

  • This is the best (but not the only) time to get us involved

  • We can help you find teaming partners and key personnel

  • We can work with you on a competitive assessment (SWOT)
  • We will give you an honest assessment of your chances of winning
  • We can help you assemble your grant/loan guarantee application
  • We can help you assemble your proposal in response to an RFP

When you are looking outside for key personnel


  • We have a great track record in finding program managers and other key people that meet (and usually exceed) an RFP's requirements

  • Our rates for recruiting are the same as our consulting rates -- we treat each recruiting project like a consulting assignment



When you want to rent a Business Development Manager


  • We have just the service you need if you wish you had a full-time business development manager but can't afford one. Rent one!

  • We offer this service on an hourly or project basis.

  • Contact us for details

When you need small or large teaming partners


  • We have worked with more than 100 small and large firms in the Government marketplace and know which ones fit which opportunities

  • We can put you in touch with the best companies that meet the niche needs of your procurement strategies

  • We know the best SB's, SDB's. WOSB's, 8a's, and SDOSB's

When you are planning your proposal or grant application reviews

  • We can manage your Pink, Red, Blue, Green, and Gold teams (or any other reviews that you need) -- we manage several every month

  • We also can create a good "Black Hat" (competitive assessment) review for your team


  • We can train your key people to present themselves and your proposal in a professional manner -- in formal presentations, interviews, and problem sessions

  • We can create sample problems and questions for orals practice
  • We can create mock evaluation boards to review the performance of your key personnel and give them an experience that is very close to what they will face at the real orals


  • We work with all of the best law firms and can help you find one to consider your chances of winning a protest, or to help you defend your win

  • Protesting is expensive. We can help you decide if it is cost-effective

Contacting us is easy:  You can click here, or send us an email.