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The Janis Group, Inc.

Serving small and large businesses with winning strategies for Federal procurements, grant applications and loan guarantees.
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What service do we offer?
We offer two categories of service to small and large businesses:  strategic advice and recruiting, and proposal and bid management for contracts, grants and loan guarantees.

Strategic Advice and Recruiting

We will work with you to increase your market share, find new opportunities, new partners, and improve the effectiveness of your branding strategy, especially on the Web.
We have worked on 40 acquisitions and can help you find a company to acquire or to be acquired.
We can even help you rent a Business Development Manager for your firm. Click here for details.

We can help you find new executives, project managers, and key personnel. Your cost for our assistance in  recruiting is independent of the compensation  paid to the recruit and is the most cost-effective formula in the industry.

Proposal and Bid Management for Contracts, Grants, Loan Guarantees

We will work with you to improve the process you use to manage bids, proposals, and applications -- from top to bottom. We will manage your reviews, train your key personnel for orals, and help you increase your win probability for contracts, grant applications, and loan guarantees.