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The Janis Group, Inc.

Serving small and large businesses with winning strategies for Federal procurements, grant applications and loan guarantees.
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The Janis Group advises its clients on winning strategies for Federal contracts, grants and loan guarantees. Our services include:
  •       Technical contract and grant proposal management and advisory services, including Black Hat and Red Team management, orals coaching, presentation management, and key personnel placement and recruiting.  Jim advises his clients on about 20-25 major procurements every year in DOE, the UK NDA, the US Department of Defense (DOD), and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  
  •       Branding strategies. The Janis Group helps our clients improve their branding strategies to ensure that corporate messages are heard in the marketplace, using techniques such as search engine optimization public relations, and other systems. For example, we worked recently with a $3B corporation on its branding strategy for nuclear project services.
  •        Management consulting such as executive and project manager searches, strategy and operating plan development, and executive coaching. For example, we recently recruited the new President of a company with 5000 employees and $850M in revenue.

  •       Expert witness consulting, especially in the energy and environmental areas. Jim has served recently as an expert witness in a major case involving the economic value and marketing of a technology for treating depleted uranium hexafluoride.
  •       Advice on the purchase and sale of companies, including strategic fit, financing, due diligence, etc.  We have participated in more than 40 corporate acquisitions.

Company history
The Janis Group was founded in 1996 and has successfully increased its revenues every year since then. It has served about 100 different companies and non-profit organizations.
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