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Serving small and large businesses with winning strategies for Federal procurements, grant applications and loan guarantees.
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Orals Coaching for Procurements 
Jim has worked on orals preparations for many clients, and in the past two years, he has served as orals coach for nine winning teams for major Federal procurements with revenues totaling more than $25 billion.
Jim's Approach to Orals
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Jim has made a science of orals coaching. He knows exactly the types of problems and questions that Federal clients ask prospective bidders. He has developed simple, cost-effective ways of learning to answer their questions and solve the situational problems that key personnel teams are often given. Jim's technical background and experience in energy, environmental, and defense policy analysis gives him a head start in understanding the needs and requriements of most Federal agencies, especially DOE, EPA, DOD, and DHS.
Jim Also Works with Candidates for National and Local Political Office -- Learn how to answer questions directly without obfuscating!

If you are running for political office, Jim can help you or your candidate cope with TV interviews, Q&A forums, town hall meetings and other public apprearances.